What does 1 dollar mean?

What does 1 dollar mean?

Netflix announced this past week that it was going to increase their membership by $1 for the lowest plan, up to $2 for their most expensive plan.  

Increases happen all the time. Just look around. It is called inflation, supply and demand, or whatever else you want to call it.

However, did you calculate what $1 does when there are 5.5 million subscribers. And, not all of these are at the lowest price point.

That is a $5,500,000 increase minimum per month. I wonder how the CEO is living today. Sounds like companies are taking advantage of the inflation. I guess, if the people are willing to pay it, why not.

That is true capitalism.

Anyway, just wanted to see what people think of a 5.5 million dollar per month gross profit. Times that by 12, and, it gets to be a crazy figure!

Netflix increase 

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