Sheriff Jesse Slaughter - Interview spotlight

Leading the Sheriff's department takes an amazing person who can develop strategies and implement processes to protect their constituents. Sheriff Slaughter has proven over the past 4 years that he has what it takes to move his department forward. It was a pleasure sitting down with him and asking the hard questions that my viewers want to know.  

Jesse talks about his faith, his decision making and who he answers to. He has proven he is not beholden to any party, but, to protect our communities freedoms, no matter what we all believe. He protects that right for all of us.  

He wants to make sure everybody gets out to vote, whether in person or through the mail in ballots. But, he also wants to remind everyone that the current mail in ballot is the School Board one, not the Primary one that he is a part of on June 7th. Sometimes it can be confusing. Also, he does not have a democrat running against him, so there will not be anything after June 7th. So be sure to vote.  

Once you have voted in the Primary through the mail, you can go to to verify that they have received your vote. Enjoy this video and be informed.

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