Foothills Community Christian School banquet

Foothills Community Christian School banquet

Spending time at the banquet on Saturday was one of the highlights for the week!

Being able to spend it with my wife was a bonus. Over the past two years, there haven't been much of an opportunity to get out and socialize, so any time I can, I am there.

Kayleigh McEnany brought passion and humor to the stage. Working with the Trump Administration would have been an amazing accomplishment, but to do it while having a little one takes courage.

One of the lessons I got from her talk was to always be ready when opportunity shows up. Be vigilant and aware of everything around you.

Powerful words that were shared, for sure.

Another highlight was to see my good friend, and Lt Governor, Kristin Juras. Always great to be among friends. The support that the Governor's office shows for our community and state is not the norm, so, we should feel so fortunate that we have the leadership in place we do.

And seeing Sheriff Slaughter supporting our community the way he does is always a blessing. He was on the move so did not get a picture with him, but, be looking for an interview that we will do in the next couple weeks.

And how about Rep Jeremy Trebas? Jeremy shows up and participates in our community which helps him stand out as a great leader. Always great to see Jeremy and Hannah.

And even our school board candidates show up to support our community. Rodney Meyer would be a great addition to the board as we go through these next few years of figuring out what is the right thing to do for our kids and parents.

Seeing so many leaders and influencers in one place is always great. Marcia May always shows up to support what is going right in our community. Even with a full time job, she still is able to teach about our constitution and why we need to be Bold in our resolve on protecting it.

Kerri Koteskey and her staff were amazing. 1100 people bought tickets! What an amazing feat for such a great organization!

Like I said, it was an amazing night!

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